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[ profile] nicolemarieh mentioned that I didn't have any of my videos under an unlocked post. I'm going to put a few of them below, but also my web page is here:

My Portfolio Page

That pretty much has everything, although I still want to add a few more things to it. For those who want to click, here's a few of my faves:

This one was one of the first videos I did combining everything I learned in that certificate course. It wasn't quite a final project, but it was something I was working on as the class was closing down. It was a test run for the main character of the Man Plus video:

This is the actual Man Plus video. I finished it off in about two months. Learned a lot in the process, actually, but if I could do it again, I'd definitely change a few things.

This is a basic, looping punch animation. Nothing too special, just shows that I can make a punch animation and loop it, I guess. VERY basic.

So the previous one was actually for the class and one of the first animations we did. It wasn't too long before I got bored with the basics and mixed it up a little. Our next animation was a kick animation. I spiced it up a little:

Still rough, but I got better. This was the punch animation that made it into my final presentation for the class:

Here's something I was working on as the lead-in for my demo reel:

I also made this one to show off a 'fidget.' My teacher asked me if it was motion capture. Not sure if it's that good, but I improved upon it later:

And the improved version, done a couple months ago:

And the last one for now is a series where I animated a character. I'm probably going to rope a bunch of these together in the near future and just make one longer video.

The first is just a simple idle animation, which turns into a walk animation, which turns into a series of attack animations:

But this character's natural form of locomotion was in trees, so here was a transition from the 'idle pose' to jumping to a tree.

And then a final one of leaping through the trees:

And those are the best for now, hopefully more coming in the near future, but with work coming fast at 4:30am tomorrow? Probably won't be in this next week.
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