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Some of you know this story and some of you don't. I'll put the short version here.

When I moved out here in '99, I did so mainly because Washington was better than Montana jobs-wise. More importantly, Washington, specifically Seattle, had a lot of venture capital money and a lot of game companies.

Jay (whose wedding is this weekend, the pre-stuff starting tonight) and I moved out here to make a game. After watching a few of our friends half-ass their own company together, make millions, and then fall apart as they had no business structure behind it (ie. one of them sued the others because they didn't have a business plan, legal documents, employee documents...it was basically just a project they were doing for fun. ....Until a venture capitalist picked them up), we decided we weren't going to go that road.

We did gobs of research of best practices of setting up a legal business, made a website, put all the documentation together. We actually had a working S-Corporation for my first five years here. Of course, it never went anywhere, first because of the Dot Com crash and then because there just wasn't any money out there following that (especially not for games).

The logo I came up with looked like this:

(we were selling surplus stuff for other companies by this point - this was shortly after I came back from Colorado and shortly before the last nail was put in the coffin).

So I have always wanted to make one of those logo videos to go along with this idea, but never really had the skills to pull it off: a lion with a person's head and wings is harder to pull off than it sounds, and even harder to make look at all good. Even with the company defunct, it was still intimidating.

In the last month, I decided to just do it. Still reworking the logo itself, but compared to the sphinx model, that's REAL easy. Behind the cut is the process I used to create the sphinx and the logo video. I didn't resize these (because I'm an asshole), but I will put them under a cut.

Building a Sphinx! )

Still not completely happy with the logo itself, but it's getting there. All told, the logo is FAR easier and quicker to manipulate.


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